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Oh the never ending story of tree trimming.  Having trees on your property is wonderful, but it comes with responsibility to trim your trees every once in a while so tree limbs don’t come crashing down in your home or vehicle during a windstorm.  We provide affordable tree trimming services in Centreville for residential and commercial properties.  Our specialty is tree trimming and pruning. I think for me it is, because I’m a perfectionist and I love to see perfect order. Either you can take care of your landscape through a little inexpensive maintenance now, or wait until it turns into an emergency.  The other tree trimming companies in Centreville cannot beat our tree trimming services.  Call us for a free quote.

Introduction To Our Services

Our expert team of tree surgeons has years of experience with all aspects of the business. Some of our services include:

  • Crown Pruning:  Does the crown your mighty oak tree get in the way of your stunning view from your balcony or top story window? The smartest solution is to have us do a full, semiannual top trim. Why waste time and money doing a partial, incomplete trim a couple of times per month?
  • Vista and Ornamental Pruning:  Through this process we can stimulate growth to maximize the shade from your Maple or raise up your Oak.
  • Elimination and Containment of Pests and Fungi:  Through selective trimming of the right branches, we can eliminate the problem without radical whole tree removal.
  • Formative and Directional Trimming:  Through the use of correct, well-thought-out trimming, we can help form your tree to grow the way you want it.
  • Pollarding:  Pollarding is the art of selectively pruning branches from the top of the tree while it is dormant during the cold season. This causes the branches to grow back much thicker and healthier, making the most of your landscaping.

I personally train each member of our team in the art of arborism. Our team of professionals are among the most experienced tree surgeons in Centreville and are fully bonded and insured in the state of Virginia.

Finding the Right Tree Trimming Specialists Near You

Call us, and we will offer you a free on-site consultation with absolutely no obligation. During our full inspection of the premises, we will show you where all the issues are, what exactly we can do for you and discuss with you the best budget plan that best suits you for the maintenance you need.

Did you know that a good training trim on a white oak under 5 years young can save you thousands later on in more invasive tree pruning or even emergency tree removal?

Have You Previously Had Any Bad Experiences with Tree Trimmers?

In this industry, there are a disproportionate number of untrained workers in many companies or somebody has a friend who says he can do the job at a good price and just end up botching the job.

One of our clients had a fifty year-old red oak tree that needed the crown trimmed. The aftermath was quite tragic – the workers virtually topped the tree and it bled out. After a few months it was apparent the tree was dying.

Lack of experience can lead to serious mistakes such as not recognizing a treatable fungi condition and mistakenly removed trees which could have easily been saved.

Others seem to do the job OK but just left a huge mess of dead branches and cut wood for you to handle yourself.

Without knowledge of proper pruning techniques for the various species of trees, purpose and type of branches, it’s like shooting in the dark. Many contractors are not even bonded or insured, putting you at risk. You need an expert team of arborists who have the right experience so you don’t wind up worse off than you started.

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