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Land clearing services for property maintenance, raw land clearing, just a little bit, and new construction sites, land sometimes needs to be cleared. We are a full-service land clearing contractor in Centreville with all of the right equipment to clear and grade wooded areas to your required specification.  Today, with many people being environmentally minded, the thought of destroying woods, with all its nature and little creatures is appalling. The visions of loud heavy machinery pushing over trees, tearing up the earth and turning the landscape into a dusty, lifeless no-mans-land is unthinkable. Know how we do our land clearing service.

We at Centreville Tree Services love the beauty of nature, so we broke away from the traditional techniques of clearing land which cause erosion and other damaging effects for the lot and surrounding area as well. Our methodology has deep roots in preserving the environment in an eco-friendly way.

Do You Need Land Clearing?

Land Clearing Centreville VA – In most cases it is performed on a limited scale for owners of relatively small plots of land. This is done in cases of those who are renovating their property, whether for their own enjoyment, or to make it look cleaner for the real estate market. Most people have the mindset of thinking of land clearing as flattening dozens or hundreds of acres, but this simply is not the reality.

Those who are living out in the boonies can tell you that some level of land clearing is absolutely necessary to help eliminate bugs, spiders and other pests. It also is required for general maintenance.

The Procedure

Land Clearing Centreville VA – Most of the time, when one speaks of land clearing, they are referring to removing stumps, unwanted overgrown bushes, weeds and miscellaneous natural debris. In some cases it does involve the removal of the occasional unwanted tree. Bulldozers or other heavy equipment are seldom used in the typical land clearing job. For smaller plots, the task can be completed by a team of guys using axes and other hand tools.

We rely heavily on the use of mulches which we employ uniquely. It’s similar to the system we use for grinding stumps, only larger, and they make much less noise than any other kind of heavy equipment. If you are searching in Google for experts then come find us!

Here’s the Difference Doing It Our Way

Our method of employing mulchers is much cheaper and safer than the traditional means. It is also much quieter and less disruptive to the general environment and the wildlife.

The fact that the mulchers we employ are the only heavy equipment is use means our method of land clearing is much easier on your budget. Not to mention the of the cost of heavy equipment operators and other personnel. In addition, special permits are required by the city of Centreville if you choose to use anything classified as heavy machinery. This is an additional expense and can cause further delays, but we do have everything available at our disposal if you have a deadline to meet as well as the budget for it.

The traditional method of land clearing is detrimental to the environment in other ways. All root systems and vegetation is completely wiped out, creating the possibility of soil erosion and the accumulation of stagnant swamp water in low-lying areas. Our method leaves those features alone as well as a nice layer of natural mulch.

We hope you keep us in mind when you are considering clearing your own land in Centreville and the surrounding area. Call us now for a free, no obligation, on-site.



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