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Tree removal from your lot is usually considered the worst case scenario or maybe it’s the best case scenario. Whatever the reason, removing a tree from your property is serious business.  As an experienced tree removal contractor in Centreville, we have successfully removed hundreds of trees.  All tree removal techniques require rigging down the tree piece by piece.  We use various methods such as tree climbing, bucket trucks, and cranes to remove trees.  It all depends on the size and height of the tree, the available space surrounding the tree to access the tree, and what is surrounding the tree such as your house, building, powerlines, passing cars, etc.   There is a lot more involved than tying a couple guy lines and breaking out the chain saw. There are logistics to lay out and most importantly, adherence to safety protocol. Centreville Tree Services can outperform any of the other tree removal companies in Centreville.  Give us a call today!

Is the Removal Really Necessary?

Perhaps the tree has reached the age and condition where it’s no longer structurally viable. Or perhaps some event occurred early on that caused it to lean to one side so it puts a nearby building in jeopardy. Strong winds from a storm may have damaged the root system so it must be removed for safety reasons. Root fungus may have taken hold, destroying the tap root and making it unstable. In that case, removal is important to prevent the disease from spreading.

Tree removal is many times an emotional event, as some trees can grow over 100 years and just cutting it down unceremoniously doesn’t seem right. Maybe you grew up there and planted the tree as a child, so you have many happy memories connected with it and a strong emotional attachment. In any case, it’s not an easy choice.

But the fact is, leaving a damaged tree precariously poised there waiting for some unseen event to cause it to fall on its own is just too risky.

Are You Planning to Remove a Tree?

Centreville Tree Services offers many options for removing your tree based upon your circumstances and your budget.

In some cases, it’s safely away from structures and other sensitive features for us to simply fell it with a chainsaw. But for extremely large trees or to protect surrounding property, it could require a crane.

After the tree has been removed, you should consider using our team to remove the stump. For a smaller stump, simply digging it out may suffice, but in other cases it could require a procedure called stump grinding.

If you are in need of land clearing, our team is well-equipped for the task. Large construction sites typically have many trees and bushes that must be removed, or just transplanted.

Centreville Tree Services is the Best Tree Service Around!

Centreville Tree Services offers a variety of different options for tree removal and cutting. The following are just some examples:

1. An expert team of professionals. Our crew is well-trained, and are holders of state licenses and proficiency certificates, so they know how to handle any of our equipment safely and efficiently.

2. A full range of equipment and tools. Without our specialized equipment and tools, we would be no different from just a man with a chainsaw. We take care of them well, so we can serve you well.

3. Fully Insured and bonded. Due to the risky nature of using the equipment the business requires, our team is fully insured and covered by the workers’ compensation fund. So you can rest assured that you won’t face any liability risk for accidents or injuries.

4. Experience and resources. Because of the wider range of jobs that our crew takes on, oftentimes we require the assistance of specialized equipment or a large crane to do the job safely and properly. We have the experience and resources to do the job with minimum risk to life and property, and do it well within your budget.

Centreville Tree Services is the best in the business, and we have the reputation to prove it! Call us now for a free, no obligation, on-site consultation!



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