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Say good-bye to those tree stumps with our affordable tree stump grinding & stump removal services in Centreville.  Tree removal is not complete without also removing the stump, regardless of whether the purpose was to clear a lot for a construction site or remove a diseased or dangerous tree. A stump left rotting in the ground can risk attracting pests and diseases that could spread to your healthy trees and shrubs. The reason for removing them from a building site is obvious. For the removal of a stump, we use a stump grinder.

The only proper way to quickly and effectively remove a stump of any size is through a stump grinder.

For the smaller trees and shrubs, the stump is not such a daunting task, as it’s possible to easily just dig it out with a shovel or burn it up. But it’s not that easy to remove the stump of an 80-year-old oak tree or massive maple. That requires stump grinding.

“What’s the big deal. Everybody seems to offer stump removal services.”

Sure, while it’s possible to remove a large stump by cutting up the roots with a chainsaw and yanking it out with a 4WD truck, the only professional way of doing it is through a stump grinder.

What is a stump grinder?

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment with a large, fast-spinning wheel at the front with many sharp metal teeth. This quickly chips away at the stump, grinding it into wood chips that can be repurposed as mulch. There are many manufacturers and designs, but they all work the same.

Proper stump grinding by the pros

Because a stump grinder is a powerful piece of equipment with many dangerous moving parts, safety concerns must be addressed. Our crew of experts will first inspect and assess the site to determine the safest way to proceed without taking any needless risks.

The site inspection and assessment

Our team will consider the tree species, the surrounding area, the size of the stump, and the size of the root system to properly assess the job.

Because some species of trees have much harder wood, they will require the right blades to properly grind the stump. Next, we need to inspect for any metal, like from an old fence, for example, and any anti-pest coating that may have been applied long ago, as these can affect the grinding ability.

Another hazard we must avoid is any buried wires. We also want to avoid damaging any root systems that belong to other nearby trees or shrubs. These details are of the utmost importance if we are to do the job right.

The preparation:

The first thing our crew will do before starting work is to secure the area. This is because, during grinding, wood chips fly around in all directions, propelled by the high-speed cutting wheel. These can cause injury or property damage.

The final result:

A proper stump grinding job is never complete until we have ground the stump down to a few inches below the ground’s surface. To remove it altogether, we also cut away all external roots as these can sprout a new sapling. The final step is filling the hole, removing the wood chips, and thoroughly cleaning up the area. Find us on Google, too!

Centreville tree services are the only experts you need!

Stump Removal Centreville VAOur trained professionals have the specialized skills and equipment to do any size job and do it right. We are fully equipped with various stump grinders to suit your specific needs. We know how to operate them safely and effectively. Our crew consists of certified arborists familiar with the depth of the root systems of all types of trees, so we are sure to remove it all.

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