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We are a homegrown tree service contractor located in Centreville, Virginia providing tree trimming, tree removals, stump removals, tree services, tree care, land clearing, brush clearing, and anything else tree related.   We can service and give free estimates in Centreville and the surrounding areas the fastest.  Other tree trimming and tree removal companies in Centreville cannot beat our experience, prices, and speed of service.  We recommend you get at least 2 – 3 quotes from other tree service companies in Centreville so you can make the best decision possible.  How much do tree services cost in Centreville?  Find out by calling us for a 100% fast & free estimate.

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Hi, I’m Wayne, the owner/operator of Centreville Tree Services.  If you’re looking for an affordable tree service company in Centreville, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m  a lifelong Virginian that works hard, I do what I say I’m going to do, and my good name means everything to me.  Me and my crew grew up playing around in these woods and we know this area just as good as anyone else.  I love taking care of trees, keeping them healthy, and getting rid of them the right way when necessary.

But you didn’t come here to hear about me, you need help with your trees.

Give me a call if you need help with anything related to tree services in Centreville, trimming and pruning trees, emergency tree removal, log splitting, land clearing, routine tree maintenance, tree service companies in Centreville, stump grinding, stump removal, tree health evaluation, tree trimming companies in Centreville, tree chipping and mulching, tree service maintenance contracts, tree service contractors in Centreville, powerline and utility clearances… get what I’m saying here. 

We’re guilty of having affordable prices, in-and-out services, cleaning up after ourselves, and excellent customer service.

Call for a fast and free quote or if you have a question about your trees, I’d be happy to tell you what I know.



Tree Services We Offer:

Tree Trimming

We make your trees beautiful through correct trimming.

Tree Removal

We can remove any unwanted trees cleanly and safely.

Stump Removal

Reclaim your outdoor space from unsightly stumps.

Land Clearing

Land clearing of any unwanted trees & vegetation.

Residential Services

Modern equipment & techniques to service tall trees in small areas.

Commercial Services

We have the equipment & experience for large commercial size projects.




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Tree Service Contractor in Centreville, VA

Tree Service Centreville VA – Its Importance

Anybody who has trees can tell you that they are of low value if they are not healthy and managed appropriately. Just the aesthetic value of many majestic trees can add thousands to your property’s value if they look beautiful and healthy. But it takes more than a chainsaw, a ladder, and steady nerves to maintain them and keep them looking good.

If your trees and shrubbery have blight, fungi, or root rot,  it’s a risk to all of your trees and bushes. Besides, low-lying, unkempt branches are an eyesore and a safety issue.

We are certified Arborists and tree surgeons at Centreville Tree Services, so we are experts on the various trees and their specific needs and care. Our team of experts is well-equipped and well-trained in tree service, maintenance, and safety.

We love working with trees! Here are the tree and stump services that we offer

Tree Service Centreville VA – Whether you own a modest house on a small lot or an industrial complex with woods or even a forest, we can provide you the following services:

  • Tree pruning and trimming: Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed and pruned to stay healthy, beautiful, and safe. Our team of professionals has been thoroughly trained in this art.
  • Health care: Your trees are susceptible to dead limbs and old age, pest infestations, root rot, and fungus. We will help you by staying on top of the latest techniques and treatments to keep your property healthy.
  • Tree and Stump Removal: Trees get old and die, or get damaged by pests or disease. Our staff is specially trained and well-equipped when it comes to fast and safe tree and stump removal.
  • Land clearing: We are specialists and very well-equipped to handle land clearing and building site preparation
  • New planting and transplanting: We can assess your soil condition, drainage, etc., to determine just the right species of tree suitable to thrive on your lot. These trees will give you decades of enjoyment as they are chosen for your specific environment.
  • On-call emergency service: Whether you face an emergency removal of a fallen tree or a hazardous hanging branch, we are on call 24/7 for all your needs. We are only as far away as your telephone. We are here at your service!

Call us today, and we will schedule you a free on-site consultation with absolutely no obligation. We will assess your needs and give you a quote.

Centreville tree services are the experts

Experts Tree Service Centreville VA

We have been in the tree and stump business for over a decade. We’ve seen just about every possible tree species and many environments with their own specific needs. We have partnered with homeowners with two or three trees on a small city lot, as well as little business complexes with several tall oaks on the premises, with adjoining woods.

My personal favorite client is an ordinary homeowner. Whether a young couple or retired folks, they genuinely seem to love their trees’ aesthetic beauty, whether they have a tiny lot or some acreage. Unfortunately, they can’t even imagine they would have the budget to partner with us. Yet, we offer monthly payment plans just for them. Others presume their trees are perfectly healthy when they suffer from a pest infestation or fungus problem. Hence, it never even crosses their minds that they have a serious problem.

With our years of experience, our team has the expertise and ability to transform your property the way you want without hitting your wallet hard. We have many devoted clients we have worked with since our beginning who have shared our dedication to caring for trees. There’s no better feeling than that of knowing your customers are satisfied.

Let’s just keep it plain and simple.

Tree Service Centreville VA – As the top tree service contractor in Centreville, we work with all kinds of clients. We have clients with a huge budget and those with a very meager purse, but we have a budget plan to fit anybody’s needs.

We have first-hand experience with every possible problem associated with trees, whether just a few on a small lot to a full-sized woods or even a forest. We’ve dealt with trees with low hanging branches and tall half-dead trees threatening to fall and damage a nearby structure. From insect infestations to root fungus, our expert team has passed safety certifications. So, it is thoroughly trained in all aspects of the trade. We have the know-how to solve any problem. We do it right, and we do it safely!

In the 17+ years we have been servicing trees, we have never encountered a challenge we could not take on. Call us for a free consultation, with no obligation, to assess your particular issues and concerns. Whether it’s a simple tree stump removal, a complete clearing, or building site preparation, our trained, professional team is ready to roll!

Whether the job involves clearing a whole forest or just a single precarious tree threatening to fall on a structure, or even you, our well-equipped and fully trained tree removal experts are at your command.  They are also skilled at diagnosing and containing insect infestations, fungus diseases, or other disorders and have the knowledge and skill to stop it in its tracks.

Let’s talk about how these problems come into being. It’s all about preventive maintenance. None of these things develop overnight. There are always clear signs of their arrival, some of them quite subtle, but our team of experts is well-trained to spot them. So what it all boils down to is prevention. The reality is, either you spend a few dollars today to nip it in the bud, or a wad of cash next year after it has become an emergency. Why wait for surprises when you can easily plan ahead for the future and eliminate the stress and expense.

But our passion is with those who love the way their trees and other fauna give splendor to their property. We want to be the ones who enhance their joy and appreciation of mother nature by protecting the very things they love.

We have a loving, gentle touch

Tree Service Centreville VA – Tree service companies have a reputation for being simple tree trimming and removal guys. They think that’s mostly what the job is about. But there is a great deal more about our profession than just chopping away at branches or a whole tree. As arborists, we keep our own landscapes as a beautiful thing to be enjoyed. We fully share that joy with many of our clients. Do you have a lovely tulip garden growing next to a giant maple tree that needs to be removed? Well, so do we! Your flower gardens and other ornamental areas are safe with us because we care about the same beauty!

Do you suspect an insect infestation, a fungus or viral infection, or another malady with some of your favorite trees? Remember, we are skilled, professional tree doctors. We know all the latest weapons to use against invasive pests and state-of-the-art treatments for all the pathogens that could infect your precious trees. Included in our free consultation is a thorough assessment of your trees’ health and general landscaping. We will then offer a variety of options on how to deal with any problems we find.

Do you just need a sapling moved to a new location? Maybe you have some open space you wish to adorn with a grove of apple trees? Perhaps you don’t care for the brambles filling valuable space in the field behind your place and want to replace it with some mighty oaks? What are you waiting for?  Call us now for a free consultation!

Our primary concern is getting the results that you want. We can do it all. We are arborists and tree doctors who can cure your beloved trees of any ailment. We are sentimental nature lovers. We have got what it takes to simply clear a lot or level and prepare a building site.

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Centreville Tree Service Areas

Let’s talk about Centreville Tree Service areas. These are the primary locations that we can provide professional tree services in Centreville at affordable rates. Our service locations include: 

We also service the following zip codes: 20151, 22033, 20121, 20152.

Top 5 Things to do in Centreville, Virginia

Whether or not you are a visitor or a resident to Centreville, here are Centreville Tree Service’s Top 5 things to do in Centreville: 

  1. Have fun at the SplashDown Waterpark. Located within Ben Lomond Regional Park, this waterpark has been open since 1996. A perfect destination for summer fun, the park has a wide range of water slides including the Pipeline Tower, Tropical Twister or the Lazy River. If you are traveling with kids of different ages, this is the safest places to go for everyone to have fun.  
  2. Visit the Sully Historic Site. Completed in 1799 by Richard Bland Lee, this site is nationally registered a historic place in Chantilly, Virginia. Today, the site is known for its gorgeous grounds with woods and gardens available for visitors to enjoy. Located near Dulles Airport, it is an ideal first stop when you get to the area. 
  3. Spend a day at the Bull Run Regional Park.  This park boasts 1,500 acres of natural space with different facilities and outdoor activities to enjoy. There is something for everyone from waterslides to picnics or camping; the Bull Run Regional Park is a place to explore during your visit to Centreville. 
  4. Explore the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly. Open from 10 am to 5:30 pm, admission to the center is free. If you are an airplane enthusiast, you will surely enjoy the two large hangers that display thousands of aviation and space artifacts from the Lockhead SR-71 Blackbird to the Space Shuttle Discovery. 
  5. Tour the Manassas National Battlefield Park. This park is located in Prince William County. It preserves the sites of two American Civil War Battles. Established in 1940, the park is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places. Exhibits and guided tours are available when you visit this historic site.  


Here is a list of the Top 5 helpful Centreville, Virginia links that you may find beneficial:  

1) The main town of Centreville, Virginia official website : 

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3) City of Centreville Water, Sewer, Trash Fees: 

4) City of Centreville Environmental Services: 

5) Town of Centreville, News: 

To visit Centreville Tree Services from Dulles International Airport to 5610 Pickwick Rd, Centreville, follow these directions: 

  1. Get on VA-28 S/Sully Rd from Aviation Dr 
  2. Head west on Saarinen Cir toward Copilot Way 
  3. Slight right onto Copilot Way 
  4. Turn right onto Cargo Dr 
  5. Continue onto Aviation Dr 
  6. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Sully Rd and merge onto VA-28 S/Sully Rd 
  7. Get on US-29 N in Centreville from VA-28 S/Sully Rd 
  8. Merge onto VA-28 S/Sully Rd 
  9. Turn right to merge onto US-29 N toward Fairfax 
  10. Continue on US-29 N. Drive to Pickwick Rd 
  11. Merge onto US-29 N 
  12. Turn left onto Pickwick Rd 
  13. Destination will be on the left 

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